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Monoblock Stopper Zirconia Metering Nozzle Good Thermal Shock Resistance

Product Details:
Certification: GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2005
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 2T
Price: 1180USD~2660USD/T
Packaging Details: Container bag
Delivery Time: 4-6work Days
Payment Terms: L/C, , T/T, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 1000/T/3D

Detail Information

Material: AL2O3-C/ZrO2-C AL2O3 Content(%),≥: 50/55/70
C+SiC Content(%),≥: 11/23 ZrO2 Content(%),≥: 60
Bulk Density/,≥: 2.45,2.7,2.8/3.4 Apparent Porosity/%,≤: 17
Modulus Of Rupture,≥: 5/6/8
High Light:

zirconia refractory


refractory nozzle

Product Description

Monoblock stopper/Used for tundish /Good thermal shock resistance and strong applicability of molten steel


Product description:

Functional refractory is a kind of special refractory formed with the development of continuous casting technology in iron and steel metallurgy industry.Rather, it should be called metallurgical functional refractory.Functional refractory current mainly includes the refractory products have: slide gate, tundish, overall stopper, submerged nozzle 3 big (cc), air brick and sizing nozzle, their key parts in the continuous casting process are play an important role, such as curtains, and the roles of blowing air agitation, prevent secondary oxidation protect casting, decided to molten steel flow field distribution in the crystallizer, etc.The use of these refractory materials is an important prerequisite for the continuous casting process.

The products can design and produce argon continuous purging and non-purging mono-stoppers as per the conditions of casting processes in steel mills. The nose mono-stopper can be AL2O3-C,MgO-C,Spinel or ZrO2-C based according to the types of steel to cast.The body and slag zone of mono-stopper are Al2O3 -C based.


Category of Refractory Functional :

  • Ladle shroud
  • Mono-stopper 
  • Upper nozzle 
  • Submerged entry nozzle
  • Zr2O metering nozzle


Function compared with the conventional refractory refractory, its characteristic is: in the process of use of metallurgical process of special functional role, often as a single element or some combinations of auxiliary refractory products, the creation of a special production process, material choice and high-grade refractory materials are almost has a high performance, such as magnesium carbon materials, aluminum zirconium materials, carbon materials, just the quality of the jade, zirconia, etc, the function of the current application of refractories containing carbon refractories are mostly.

The mono-stoppers from Zhengzhou Xinyu can provide stable control of molten steel casting,good corrosion resistance, desired thermal shock resistance and high tenperature strength. It can last more 35 hours used for billet caster and more than 20 hours for slab caster. It is suitable for almost all steel casting from normal carbon steel,low carbon steel,ultra-low carbon steel,high Mn steel to high oxygen steel.


Physical and chemical indicators:

Material AL2O3-C stopper MgO-C stopper ZrO2-C stopper Spinel-C stopper
Part Nose Body Nose Body Nose Body Nose Body
AL2O3/%,≥ 72 50 -- 50 -- 50 55 50
C+SiC/%,≥ 11 23 11 23 12 23 11 23
ZrO2/%,≥ -- -- -- -- 60 -- -- --
MgO/%,≥ -- -- 65 -- -- -- 10 --
Bulk density/,≥ 2.8 2.45 2.65 2.45 3.4 2.45 2.7 2.45
Apparent porosity/%,≤ 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17
Cold crushing strength/Mpa,≥ 25 22 20 22 20 22 25 22
Modulus of rupture,≥ 8 7 5 7 5 7 7 6
Thermal shock resistance/cycle ≥5 ≥5 ≥5 ≥5

Monoblock Stopper Zirconia Metering Nozzle Good Thermal Shock Resistance 0Monoblock Stopper Zirconia Metering Nozzle Good Thermal Shock Resistance 1

Production and inspection :

Monoblock Stopper Zirconia Metering Nozzle Good Thermal Shock Resistance 2


Packaging and transportation:

Monoblock Stopper Zirconia Metering Nozzle Good Thermal Shock Resistance 3

Competitive advantage:

  • 1. Competitive Price. Make the products competitive in your market.
  1. 2. Abundant Experience. Prevent cracks and twist in bricks.
  2. 3. Different Moulds. Save mould fees for you.
  3. 4. Strict Quality Control. Meet clients’ quality requirement.
  4. 5. Large stocks. Guarantee prompt delivery.
  5. 6. Professional Packing. Avoid damage and secure the goods in transportation


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