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Common problems and treatment methods in the use of anhydrous gun mud

March 31, 2020

Latest company news about Common problems and treatment methods in the use of anhydrous gun mud

Common problems and treatment methods in the use of anhydrous gun mud


There will be some problems in the field use of anhydrous gun mud, we can from the smelting raw materials, blast furnace parameters, before the furnace operation to find the reasons and solutions, to provide a basis for the next supply.


1.The mud gun cannot hit the mud

Mud cannon is difficult to hit mud mainly for the following reasons:

1) the slag iron is not out, the iron mouth is not sprayed or the iron mouth is false to wind up the iron mouth, so that the iron mouth resistance increases.

2) the iron hole deviates too much from the center, which is not on the same center line with the mud cannon mouth, so that the mud cannot be spit out freely.3) when the iron mouth is opened, it is not fully connected. The center of the iron mouth leaks, and the front part of the mud bag exists.

4) the large pieces of the furnace wall did not melt completely and were piled up in front of the iron orifice, which increased the mud resistance.

5) due to the change of resistance in the furnace, the work of the hearth is not uniform, and the iron mouth which is often unable to hit the mud is not very active, and there is not enough space for the mud to enter.

6) the furnace temperature fluctuates greatly.When hot metal temperature is too high or too low, slag iron viscous iron mouth is not easy to expand.

7) the gun mud and excessive pipe mix or use the gun mud which has been stored for a long time, the mud becomes dry and hard, and the filling makes the mud gun unable to move.

8) when sludging in sections, the middle pause time is long, so that the forward friction of the gun mud in the iron mouth increases and cannot be pushed.

9) excluding all external factors, the mud cannon suddenly can not hit the mud, the gun mud itself is too high value.

On-site solution: you can use gas to burn the mud gun before the mud, so that the mud gun temperature rise.

Formula adjustment: increase the amount of tar added, adjust the clay, adjust the clay to increase mixing time.


2.Low pressure of mud gun

Solution: need to adjust the strength ratio, clay proportion, reduce the amount of tar added.


3 iron mouth is hard to open

Firstly, it is analyzed that the location of the iron hole is difficult to drill. Different locations mean different reasons, and the sintering performance of the gun mud is different at different temperatures.

1) it may be caused by large cracks in the mud material;

2) opening difficulty generally appear in the deep hole, because the super deep hole stemming easily crack and leaking iron, used in ultra deep iron opens the mouth to mouth bit wear serious, cutting ability weakened and cannot penetrate red mantle by balling up front, plus a powerful tapping machine hammer momentum iron mouth front-end BaoZhen mud crack could produce iron slag.

3) the gun mud itself is too high.

On-site solution: if iron leakage is found at the iron mouth, timely plug it, timely iron discharge with iron conditions, can reduce wind appropriately.When making mud again, it is necessary to reduce the amount of mud, increase the pressure of mud making, reduce the speed of mud making, and intermittently make mud making. Through intermittent mud making, the newly entered mud will make up for the front section of the gun mud after sintering to produce cracks, in a physical way to reduce iron leakage, but requires the cooperation of the operator in front of the furnace.

Formula adjustment method: reduce the amount of clay to add, can add an appropriate amount of swelling agent to adjust the solution.


4 the iron mouth is expanding too fast

Solution: adjust Al2O3 to increase the erosion resistance of molten iron, adjust SiC to increase the slag resistance.


5 splash

The reason:

1) operation in the furnace, leakage in the furnace, leakage in the small set (tuyere tube)

2) gas leakage from iron mouth (shallow iron mouth)

3) the blasting clay sintering is not good, there are faults, the volatile part of the tar in the gun mud (volatilization is divided into high temperature or external causes of some components in the material volatile into gas).

4) the furnace temperature is too high, iron break iron beans.

5) high porosity (due to the gun-mud itself) and (permeability) are mainly caused by two factors:


(1) in the case of low porosity, the volatile content of the gun mud itself can not be excluded can only be in the opening out of iron caused by the splash.

(2) the porosity is too high, the iron mouth itself in the gun mud density low strength, molten iron penetrates into the gun mud, resulting in the gun mud into small pieces, when the erosion of spray.

On-site solution: eliminate the factor of equipment and blast furnace, if it is the quality of the gun mud, can reduce the mud speed, make the gun mud time sintering;In the opening, the opening can be half way, stop for 5-10 minutes, then open, so that the gun mud fully knot burning.

Formula adjustment: reduce tar content, increase coke powder, improve sintering performance, reduce gas leakage


6 the iron mouth is too short

The main reason for the shallow iron mouth is that the mud strength difference is related to the operating pressure of the mud gun and the abnormal furnace temperature.Increase the metal powder, improve the clay quality, adjust the strength distribution, close the iron mouth above, increase the amount of mud.


7.Mud bags break easily

It is related to the way of opening the iron mouth. It can reduce the high temperature strength, reduce the mud gun's driving speed, increase the mud pressure, and increase the amount of graphite added. It can adjust the shape of the mud bag, increase the ductility, reduce the high temperature strength, reduce the amount of tar, and increase the amount of mica added.


8 mud leakage

The main reason is that the iron mouth damage or slag iron did not clean, adhere to the iron mouth channel, another case is the gun mud itself is too soft, thin in the high temperature.

On-site solution: clean the contact surface of the mud cannon and delay the return time when the mud is hit.

Formula adjustment: reduce the amount of binder and asphalt powder added.


9 run flow

Main reasons: on the one hand, the gun mud is not resistant to erosion, when iron, the expansion of too large;On the other hand, due to the high amount of gun mud binder, the low temperature sintering performance of the gun mud becomes worse.

On-site solution: stop the use of this batch of gun-mud immediately and mix it with other batches of gun-mud in different proportions.

Formula adjustment: add more silicon carbide, fine-tune the amount of clay, increase mixing time, make it stir evenly.





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