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What is a ladle?How should ladle refractory be configured?

March 31, 2020

Latest company news about What is a ladle?How should ladle refractory be configured?

What is a ladle?How should ladle refractory be configured?


Ladle is simply a container that can store and transport molten steel during smelting.Now due to the rapid development of manufacturing industry, some important equipment and instruments manufacturing need to constantly improve the quality of the steel, so it requires to improve the purity of steel and inclusion removal of molten steel, strictly controlling composition of some harmful elements in steel, in ladle refining processing can meet these requirements, so in the ladle refining processing becomes a method to improve the quality of steel, steel ladle by the pure steel container into multiple containers with smelting functions [1].The structural composition of the ladle is mainly composed of three parts: the shell, the lining and the main control mechanism.As shown in FIG. 1.1, the structure of the ladle and the refractory materials used in each part.


latest company news about What is a ladle?How should ladle refractory be configured?  0                                                                                        FIG. 1 schematic diagram of refractory for ladle


The ladle shell is welded from the boiler steel plate. The thickness of the steel plate on the barrel wall and bottom is between 14-30mm and 24-40mm. In order to ensure the smooth removal of baking moisture, 8-10mm holes are drilled on the ladle shell.


The lining of the ladle is mainly composed of three parts. The first part is the working layer. The working layer is directly in contact with the molten steel slag during the ladle smelting.The second part is the permanent layer, its thickness is about 30 to 60 mm, permanent layer at work inside, permanent layer ladle main body skeleton effect, to prevent the molten steel leakage and maintain the safe operation of the ladle have a vital role, so the service life of the ladle is associated with the quality of this layer, this layer typically USES clay and high-alumina brick masonry, usually adopt the way of comprehensive building.The third is the insulation layer, the insulation layer in the inner lining of the outermost layer, close to the steel plate, the thickness of about 11-15mm, the role of the insulation layer is mainly to play the role of heat preservation of molten steel, reduce the loss of molten steel heat, reduce the steelmaking energy consumption.The opening of the sliding nozzle of ladle is used to control the size of molten steel flow rate and the height of tundish liquid level.The sliding nozzle is composed of upper nozzle, upper slide board, lower slide board and lower slide board.In the operation process, the movement of the down slide can be used to adjust the overlap degree of the upper underpass hole and then control the size of the flow. There are two ways to adjust, namely, the hydraulic way and the manual way.Due to the sliding water mouth to withstand high temperature steel slag erosion, steel hydrostatic pressure and hot and cold hot action, so the requirements of refractory to high temperature, erosion resistance, hot and cold and good slag resistance, and have enough high temperature strength.

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