High Alumina Dense Refractory Castables

We make refractory castables with medium and high alumina contents in various grades. We also make high purity refractory concrete for critical applications. We use only the selected good quality raw materials mix for making the refractory castables. All raw materials are tested before preparing the final mix, so as to ensure that quality of final product is controlled and exactly as per the defined parameters of chemical composition and physical properties. Proper sizing and percentages of different sieves are also taken care of. This ensures best bonding and proper casting. “Hoizon Refractories” refractory castables are well known for quality consistency and long lasting performance in various applications. Our refractory castables are widely used for casting shapes, patch work, lining inside the furnaces, etc. It is packed in double laminated paper bags with thick liner inside. We also offer private branding with non-disclosure agreements if clients want to market our products in their country by their own brand name.

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Light Weight Insulating Castables / Insulating Concrete

We make various grades of insulating castables and concretes. We make conventional insulating castables for patchwork, plastering, backlining of furnaces and insulation brick lining. We also make high purity insulating castables with very low iron content for various critical applications involving thermal shocks, etc. We select only premium raw materials for making our insulating castables. We test all the raw materials and also the final product for the chemical composition, physical properties and also the sizing distribution in every batch to ensure consistent quality.

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