Refractory Firebricks

We make wide range of refractory fire bricks which are also known as Fire Clay Bricks. Our firebricks are used in various industries including steel plants, cement plants, sugar factories, petrochemical industry, commercial ovens, incinerators, and other allied industries.

Horizon Refractories® fire clay bricks are well known worldwide for consistently good quality and precise sizing. We make refractory firebricks by dry pressing method and electronically controlled tunnel kiln. Apart from standard sizes, we also make arch firebricks, wedge fire bricks, circle shape firebricks, curved firebricks, bullnose firebricks, bevel firebricks, refractory burner blocks, refractory tiles, perforated firebricks, and any other special shapes as per customer’s requirement. We have professional team for sorting and packing the refractory bricks even fire clay bricks so as to ensure zero damage during long sea transits across the world. We also offer private branding for some of the most reputed international refractory brands.

We can make all customized sizes and special shaped refractory bricks as per client’s requirements. We are sole suppliers to various refractory installers and refractory wholesalers across many countries. As we produce and supply refractory bricks in bulk quantities, we are able to offer most reasonable pricing to our customers worldwide.

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Bottom Pouring Sets

Bottom Pouring Sets

We make refractory bottom pouring sets / BP Sets as they are more commonly called. Our bottom pouring sets have accurate dimensions and fit with each other perfectly so as to ensure zero leakage for any applications.

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